Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Next Stop: Tevis!

Tuesday July 20 2010

But I'm crewing! I didn't change my mind, even though Nance double checked, and triple checked with me to see if I wanted to ride Quinn again. I must admit I slightly waffled... it would be fun to ride with Nance and Steph..... but no, I am crewing. I figure I owe that to Nance after last year, and besides, it's such a responsibility riding someone else's horse. Plus the late entry fee is $415, which is no small amount. And I already have that silver Tevis buckle, handed to me the next morning by my hero Julie Suhr. It would take something HUGE to top that.
(See my August 2009 blog entries for a recap.)

So... I will be crewing! For Nance and Jazzbo, Steph and Rhett, and the Yost family, and whoever else needs help when I'm available. It will be great to see some wonderful friends I haven't seen in a while.

Of course The Raven is coming. He may or may not ride with Nance or Steph. He is undecided at this point. I hear Traveling Wee Horse is riding with Melissa Ribley (who finished second and got the Haggin Cup last year)!

I'll also be helping with the live Webcast during the ride, so stay tuned to either www.endurance.net, or http://www.teviscup.org/webcast/main.php - where you'll be able to follow your rider on the course as the holds are updated. (Some old data on there that will be updated Friday or Saturday.) This is the Twitter page: http://twitter.com/tevisnews, and this is the current entry list, with 182 riders: http://www.teviscup.org/the_ride/ride_2010riderslist.html.

Meanwhile, it's 11:20 PM, Steph finally got to bed. We're leaving early in the morning - neighbor is hauling us to Nampa, where we're meeting Bruce and Nance, and loading Rhett and our gear into their trailer, and riding with them to Tevis. I haven't even packed yet. Piles of things yet to do.

Let the Tevis journey begin!

(Dogs are worried by the packing.)

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Go Merri, Steph, Nance!