Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dudley's Honeymoon Adventure (by Dudley)

Monday July 12 2010

The following are Dudley's best memories of yesterday's (failed) trailblazing attempt to reach the green mountain meadow of Burnam Flat from the base of the Owyhee mountains:

It was all uphill! (until we turned around).

It was hot for a fat horse.

Juniper trees are nice until they turn into a dark jungle, and start closing in on a great big claustrophobic horse.

"Oof! Ouch! Argh! Ack!" - my rider's noises and stunt riding, throwing herself flat on my neck, almost hanging off my sides, as I bulled my way through many overgrown trees on a very old, faint, fading, gone, trail.

The Honeymoon Cabin!

Lots and lots of horse edibles: green grass, brown grass, flowers, weeds, junipers, willows, etc. I sampled everything I could get my mouth on.

The box canyon and nowhere to go after all that climbing!

My rider hugging a juniper tree.

After all that effort and no green mountain meadow to picnic on, do my dimples look any smaller??

(See the slideshow of the day's ride here:)

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