Monday, November 29, 2010

Serving Notice

Sunday November 28 2010

Obsessed? Yes. Fiercely.

I'm putting another plug in here for Zenyatta, Thoroughbred racing's Queen, 2010 (she better be) Horse of the Year.

Yes, I still watch her races, over and over. Yes, I now have a Zenyatta Breyer model. (I haven't bought a Breyer model in 20 years!)

I'm also putting a plug in for the Commemorative Collector's issue of Zenyatta put out by the Blood-Horse, here at It comes with an 8x10 photo of the cover, and reviews her races, her connections, pictures of her as a foal, her upbringing ("She was a troublesome filly; tough to train"), and of course, a magazine full of outstanding photos of Zenyatta throughout her career. She just makes the eyes water.

Zenyatta will make her final public appearance on December 5 at her home track of Hollywood Park in southern California. She'll visit the paddock after the sixth race, then will be paraded in front of the grandstands.

I've already outlined my reasons why Zenyatta should be Horse of the Year here. (Trainer John Sheriffs says, "Here she is, and then they seem to be looking for something better.")

So this is my Notice: If Zenyatta is not named Horse of the Year this time - I'm done with racing. Finished.

Take notice, you who have the vote. If Zenyatta is not named Horse of the Year this time, horse racing is going to lose a lot of those fans that Zenyatta (NOT BLAME!) singlehandedly brought to racing.

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