Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Tuesday November 30 2010

Today I saw something I've never seen before - my horse playing! My elder, retired, Number-One-Eater, lazy, ex-racehorse Stormy, playing! Once in a while he romps and prances, and once in a while he recalls his glory days on the racetrack and he sprints across the ground, but he never plays. Today he played!

And the Being responsible?

The Owyhee Social Director, Jose. Jose can eventually get anybody to play.

Stormy has his morning roll in the Owyhee Spa Dirt.

He has another one...

and S.D. Jose appears at his side.

As he shakes off, Stormy's sidekick Tex comes up to see what's going on.

To my utter amazement, Stormy and Jose start nose wrestling.

Tex comes in to make sure his big buddy is not being roughed up too much.

He makes his point.

Stormy and Jose go back to wrestling.

Stormy is half-rearing at Jose!

He's getting fierce while Jose eggs him on!

Batman thinks about joining in.

Stormy rears!

Look at Stormy go!

Now Batman rolls...

and he becomes Jose's next target!

A shake off...

and he goes after Jose!

Jose lets him have it!

Then he goes back for more!

They romp...

Then it's on to the next playmate for Jose...


He likes to paw and bite his ankle.

Now the other leg.

Back to messing with Batman.

Now time for a good roll

and shake off.

And another roll...

and a romp because it all just feels so good...

And on to the day's next social events!


Anonymous said...

It musta been in the air--even Super Serious Jasper was playing yesterday! Those ponies sensed this snow coming...


Linda Sherrill said...

Oh, to be that carefree! Great shots Merri!