Thursday, March 1, 2012

Batman Catman

Thursday March 1 2012

Batman loves the kitties!

Garbo the Gray was the first kitty to try him out - stepping onto his back from the fence rail (he curiously looked back at her), batting at his tail (it twitched upward when she pawed it, and she kept pawing, and the tail kept twitching), then finally using him as a pin cushion, using all 16 claws as she danced around excitedly trying to catch imaginary kitty toys on his back (he just looked back curiously).

Today Sinatra made his acquaintance.

Batman stood contentedly as Sinatra explored the ridge line of his withers

only twitched his ear when Sinatra batted it,

serenly inhaled Sinatra,

and enjoyed the special Sinatra snuggles.

Might be an endurance kitty in the making...

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