Sunday, March 21, 2010


Sunday March 21 2010

What goes through his head when he stops to survey the country?

Jose's favorite spots to stop on the trail and observe are, naturally, from high points, because they give the best view. Just like I like to do. He particularly likes the view from a rim

down into a canyon.

What does he see when he stares out there? What does he think? Does he think, like me, Wow, what beautiful country?

He's not afraid of things. He's observing and thinking.

Sometimes he spots wildlife in the distance (before I see it); sometimes he just takes in the scenery. I can hear the wheels turning in his head as he gazes.

Then there's the cows. Whereas Mac (the former cow-horse) is at times skeptical of them (especially when they charge him from behind), Jose is very curious about and interested in them. Especially the babies. Today a newborn calf caught his eye. While Mama Cow eyed us warily ready to protect her baby, Jose had bright eyes only for the baby and he headed right for him. I know for sure what Jose was thinking here: Toy!

It would have been quite interesting to see what Jose would have done with him, but with Mama Cow's eyes getting bigger and bigger as we got closer and closer, I pulled him away.

He's intelligent, curious, agreeable, and he likes exploring.

And of course he loves a good meal.

Jose's a very special soul. : )

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