Monday, March 8, 2010

Branding Day

Saturday March 6 2010

A local Owyhee rancher had a branding day. Friends, relatives, neighbors, and neighboring cowboys showed up to help.

Watching the herd.

A sea of cows.

Getting the kinks out of the rope.

Separating the mamas.

Heating the fire for the branding irons.

Branding irons in the fire.

Git along little dogie

Git along I say.

Little dogie.


Comfort before.

Got the first one.


The adversary.

Got a hind leg.

Unceremoniously (and efficiently) hog tied and knelt on, branded, ear tagged, injected, wormed, castrated.

Hot branded.

Comfort after.

Next up.

This man was determined to be the header without a rope.

He got him!

Holding one.




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Unknown said...

My son worked for a big cattle ranch in Likely, California for awhile. all the neighbors got together for the branding; brought all the kids and picnic lunches, a wonderful "social" event, so much color and comraderie.