Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Old Man Wimpy

Wednesday January 6 2010

I'm not afraid to say it: so far it has been a very WIMPY A** winter here in Owyhee. Or at least it has been in our corner of Owyhee.

"80% chance of snow" and Murphy takes most of that. "90% chance of snow, accumulation of 1-2 inches possible" and those stinkin' Boiseans steal most of that. And we've had precious few (from my perfectly reasonable point of view) snowstorms.

Those three nights of marrow-chilling -10* F - now THAT'S what I'm talking about. Those two brief little snowstorms we did have (that only stuck on the ground a day or less), THAT'S what I'm talking about.

Now I'm not complaining - just pointing out what's going on here. And I'm not being greedy - I don't need 15 feet of snow, or 2 months of below-zero weather, but I am willing to help out those who feel bombarded and overwhelmed by their winter.

This evening I did have a lovely walk in the heavy fog and misty rain, with a chill wind helping to make sure I got doused, but, come on! Rain is for summer, not the dead of winter. It's almost Tshirt and shorts weather, for crying out loud.

Come on, Wimpy Old Man Winter, suck it up and buckle down so I can shiver and hunker down. The horses didn't grow their thick fuzzy winter coats for THIS.

All you people out there tired of the cold and snow, send some more of it my way! (I hope my neighbors don't read this, they will kill me : )

At least the horses are enjoying the wet: the muddy-clay-y sand has never been better to roll in.

But they'd prefer a good helping of snow.

Just ask Jose.

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Funder said...

You know, I never in my life thought I'd say this, but I was warm today in cloudy 40 degree weather. And... I kinda miss the fresh snow.

I don't want more than 2" though. Just some decorative stuff down here, please.