Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just Me And...

Friday September 16 2011

Nothing. For miles around.

No cows, no cats.

No humans, no horses.

No deer, no donkey.

No noise, no life - nothing for miles around.


But look again: the Owyhee skies and clouds - a presence sculpting a shifting personality onto the mountains.

... a watching vulture, part of a rock until I get too close; then a brief silhouette.

... a wild mustang stallion pile, marking his territory.

...obsidian flakes, an old rock corral - traces of the past.

Listen harder:

...quail, canyon wren, the sigh of the breeze, wafting down over the Owyhees, whooshing down the Owyhee front, passing over me on its way to the Snake River.

For miles around - just me and Owyhee.

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