Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Owyhee Menagerie I

Wednesday June 29 2011

Some people take their dog for a walk every day. How boring.

Neighbor Linda takes her whole Menagerie for a walk (and she only needs one halter!): Mama the miniature horse, Holler her baby mini-mule, Bee the Border collie, Goat Dog the dog, and Edna the donkey.

Edna loves Goat Dog and she follows him everywhere. They roam Linda's property... and sometimes beyond... and Edna won't come back unless Goat Dog does.

Sometimes the gang comes over for a visit, stays a while, startles the neighbors ("what the hell is that!?"),

and then they head home.

It may seem odd to some people, but Linda and her Menagerie fit right in with us folks on the crick.

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Anonymous said...

How cute is that! Thank you for sharing. ~Annabelle