Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snow Horse

Saturday December 12 2009

After being -10* the last 3 nights, 30* and snow felt downright balmy.

Good thing, because no matter what, rain, sleet, snow, hail, or the W-word, Kazam must go out.

And I don't dread it anymore, because he really is getting better - a little bit every ride.

Today we had a nice meander in the quiet desert snowfall.

There was a day I didn't think he'd ever be a decent ride. He's getting there.

I am pretty sure his brother Jose has been mentoring him.


DarcyLynne said...

Great news Merri. How are you doing there in the cold overall?

DarcyLynne said...

Well one thing is for sure Merri. You will have more cold and snow coming, right?

I am doing well? Have another surgery on the 23rd to help get full rotation of my right ankle. One more step closer to riding again. :)

What are you doing for Christmas? Where will you be?