Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dream Bucket

Friday December 4 2009 recently talked about riders' Bucket Lists, referring to the 2007 movie The Bucket List.

I find talking about a "Kick the Bucket List" is humorous, but kind of morbid, if you analyze it. I'd call it your Dream Bucket List - the best horse things to do and keep doing.

I can't say I even have a Dream Bucket List, but I've already accomplished some things I haven't even known were in there, or that came up spur of the moment or just happened.

They are (in present tense, because I may want to repeat them):

Riding a racehorse on the Curragh in Ireland. (I was cooling him down after a workout, but I rode on the Curragh nonetheless!)

Riding (and completing!!) Tevis.

Galloping by the Pyramids in Egypt.

Galloping on the beach in New Zealand.

Galloping on a Lord of the Rings horse! (the picture up top)

(There seems to be a galloping theme here...)

Riding with some of my long-time endurance heros: Julie Suhr, Jacinta Denton, Annerose Carlile.

Riding a 13,000 mile endurance horse (Zayante - 700 miles).

Packing on good horses in deep snow in the wilderness.

Riding many, many, beautiful trails on endurance horses in the West.

If I did have a Dream Bucket List, some things might be:

I guess I might like to try riding a cutting horse (if I could stay on).

How about riding in many more multi-day rides. (like the picture below)

A horse riding trip in Iceland.

(OK, they are coming a bit easier now.)

Riding in Chile.

Riding in Argentina.

Possibly riding in the Quilty.

Lots of riding.

Many, many more years of kissing my horse.

In the next lifetime, starting, finishing, and endurance riding my own mustang (I'm too old to start in this lifetime!)

If I keep thinking on it, my Dream Bucket is probably going to fill up.

So what's on your list? Just let go, say your dreams out loud, put them in writing... and they just might come true. What are your horse dreams? Let us know on Ridecamp on

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