Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Tuesday December 8 2009

The start of true winter is still a couple of weeks away, but you wouldn't know that if you stepped outside this -2* Owyhee morning.

The horses move up near the road to catch the first light from the sun when it crests the ridge; they turn their thick coats broadside to the sun

and soak up the warmth, their long winter shadows joining the herd.

The creek is frozen in place. The Owyhee mountains stand silent sentinel over the herd.

A lone Raven flies overhead. The horses doze.

The air is crisp and the stillness golden in this Owyhee winter preview.


Anonymous said...

only -13 here :)

cid and gazi in montana

Mary K said...

And to think I've been fretting about blanketing because it's going to be 19 degrees here tonight....

I love watching my guys warming up in the sun in the morning: they space themselves perfectly so as to be close but exactly out of range of one another's shadows. Then they stand like statues, soaking up all that solar energy....

cole said...

It's one day closer to summer guys.Even at -21 the Damingo kids find time for tag.Cole