Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Scratchin' the Itch

Tuesday February 3 2009

Carol and I were on the same wavelength this dazzling winter morning - right when I thought, man, we really have to get out and ride today, she called and said, "We really have to get out and ride today!"

So we saddled up Jose and Surri, and with the sun burning down bright on the snow-packed Owyhees up the canyon, and throwing our long shadows across our tracks, we headed up onto the northwest flats, hoping to find some decent footing.

Climbing up the hill onto the top, (Jose was huffing and puffing!! It's been a while and we've all gone to seed!) we were greeted by a cool breeze and a rather stunning view. The high desert landscape takes on a whole different character when it's accented by snow. Drainages, hills, washes, folds, and ridges that normally blend into each other stand out prominently, and you see things you haven't noticed before, even when you look at them almost every day.

The snow was only 2-3 inches deep, and wasn't too slick as we followed the dirt road along the ridge for a while, then dropped down into the wash maze to make a loop back. Bates Creek Road was slick enough in places to get off and walk home.

It was short but way sweet, just enough to take the Riding Itch away for a day.

Back home, Jose got a good hay treat, and capped it off with a good roll in the snow and a shake off.

We already have tomorrow's ride scheduled.

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