Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Dog Ate My Homework

Friday February 20 2009
Well anyway, he ate my Macbook powercord, he really did! So I'm borrowing another computer until I can get mine replaced.

The 160-km President's Cup in Abu Dhabi was... Something Else. It's a different kind of endurance sport over here. It's endurance Racing, not endurance Riding.

If you want the full story, including gory details on the absolutely insane driving with the riders, on how I got the truck stuck in the sand and how we got pulled out, how the Aussies (Meg Wade finished) and the 2 Americans, 68-year-old Jan Worthington, and John Crandell, did (they both finished!), you can get it on 2009 Presidents Cup on Also if you really want to look through hundreds of photos, you can find the link on that page also.

Here are a few photos from the ride:

Frontrunners on Loop 3

Aussie Meg Wade on Loop 3

Aussie Penny Toft on Loop 3

Crewing in the Vet Gate

Much dust

Jan and Leon going out on Loop 5

John and Melika going out on Loop 5

John being interviewed before going out on a loop

A front runner on loop 5

No time to stop for water

The winners - 2nd fastest 160 km ever, 6:30:53

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