Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Day Late and a Ride Short

Sunday February 8 2009

Here I was all ready to leave for the UAE on Wednesday, counting down the days left sleeping on my special pillow, kissing on my horse, hiking in the snow, and the 3 more days of riding (or 2, if it snows too much tomorrow!), when I checked my ticket again, and saw I am leaving TUESDAY.

Dang. That's suddenly one less of everything before I leave.

This morning it was foggy, and as noon came and went, the fog got heavier and the day darker and the temperature colder, hoar frost starting to grow on horse hairs hanging off the fences. Carol emailed, "I don't want to ride and neither do you!"

But as the cold day wore on, that departure countdown got louder in my head - just TWO more days to ride, and tomorrow it might snow. Just when I was about to go saddle up and head out into the thick fog anyway, all of a sudden it started to lift and the sun almost made a shadow.

I called Carol, "It's getting bright out there, we have to ride!"

"OK, in 15 minutes!"

We headed to the Hart Creek Rim Trail

with Surri and Jose, for a special dose of Owyhee scenery. The snow was good to trot on but the mud was deep in some places. We didn't mind when we had to stroll through the mud along the rim and take in the vista.

The Owyhee mountains were hidden behind clouds and fog, but the Hart Creek drainage flaunted its own winter glory.

A hawk, maybe sharp-shinned or Cooper's, sat on a little knoll and watched us. Several Ravens flew by, following one after the other. I've ridden this trail a lot, but I never ever get tired of looking at this valley from the Rim Trail. I never get tired of looking at this country.

Jose and Surri had a good time, snacking on the oat grass that the cows missed, and plenty of treats. Jose kept stopping and turning his head back for treats. He even tried to bum some off of Carol. Who spoiled this horse??

Spigot gamboled along with us the whole ride - he's becoming quite the mileage dog.

The ride was sweet - and what with the countdown to travel, and seeing as I may not ride for 3 weeks (though I AM bringing along my helmet : ), that made today's ride all the sweeter.

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