Friday, February 6, 2009

Pony Express

Friday February 6 2009

I haven't owned a TV for years, and I think the only channel we get on the TV here is ABC. (Sadly, I have not seen my soap opera, Days of Our Lives, for over a year : ). (Many people find it hard to believe that I have watched a soap for 32 years : )

Anyway, I don't watch many rented movies or shows either, but once in a while, there is something I get hooked on.

Like The Office. Lord help me. I am addicted. And now I'm relying on Netflix.

And now that I'm leaving for Abu Dhabi in a few days, I am kind of in a panic, because I MUST at least finish season 3. (Nobody tell me what happens!) And, if I could get one more disc back in the mail to Netflix today, I might be able to get the last disc of season 3 here before I leave, and I just must do that, or I won't be able to concentrate on my job of reporting on endurance!

And I couldn't quite justify driving 5 miles down the road just to drop off a DVD in the mailbox. So, next best thing? Carol and I saddled up the Bowling Ball and Jose and carried the mail, express on horseback, down to the mailboxes.

We did a bit of walking and trotting, and that's the farthest ride Carol's little fat black mare has done so far (she got cranky when she got tired - maybe because she has one Big Attitude, and Jose made it look so easy). It was a somewhat interesting ride for Jose, because I don't think he's ever just gone straight down the road and back, so there were some different things to see - some old chicken feeders, one scary silver drain pipe that sort of hides in the tumbleweeds and sneaks up on you, a neighbor who parked a little jeep on the side of the road (which was oddly scary - maybe it had a smell Jose didn't like), a water trough put out for the cows, and the cows themselves.

And Jose was the perfect mailman, helping put the DVD in the mailbox, so I can get my pre-travelling fix of THE OFFICE.

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