Sunday, October 14, 2012

Owyhee Canyonlands: Seaweed in the Desert

October 13 2012

One of the traditions at the Owyhee Canyonlands is the visit from Barb and Grant from Canada. Barb has a little story of her own of the event:

Yes!  Grant and I upped the ante at the Canyonlands ride this year!  We brought seaweed to the "stop and eat" hold on Day 3.

We were going into town on Day 2, and Steph asked us to stop at Costco to pick up some things.  I had told her that the cheese and cracker snack packages for the riders just weren't cutting it! and also that we needed to have more people-water and perhaps lemonade for the riders on these really hot holds. The temperatures just kept going up! So we found some really nice fruit and nut bars, and sweet and salty bars, and then saw the seaweed. 

When we got back to Ridecamp, we decided to pull a joke on Steph and show her the seaweed and get a photo of her reaction.  It was well worth it!

Grant showing her what we got!

Photo 2:  Steph's reaction

Photo 3:  Steph, after we showed her the rest of the stuff!!

Everyone who went through the stop and go the next day was offered all of the 'treats' we had.  The seaweed was a hit!  As was the iced lemonade we rationed out for all the 25's and 50's!  Sorry guys!  We had to make it stretch!

Thanks to Steph for letting us do that!!  and for letting us ride on Day 4 - My birthday!!

Photo up top: Me and "Krusty"

By Barbara Holmes-Balmer

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