Saturday, January 29, 2011


Saturday January 29 2011

Through the desert, we fly.

A sliver of fear, breathlessness on an unfamiliar horse

We are going fast.

Twisting trails at a transcendent trot

Hard hills at a careening canter.

Ducking beneath the saguaro

Twisting away from the palo verde

Desert claws reach out and tear, trading blood for skin.

Nimble horse feet dance past jumping cholla.

We fly...

the mass of muscle effortless beneath me, perfectly balanced.

Fear fades to exhilaration, breathing synchs in rhythm with horse and desert.

Winding washes at a hurtling gallop, the sand no more than a magic carpet

Munger Hill looms above - charged up at a run!

The earth churns and spatters beneath hooves. We are long gone before it settles.

We are flying


(Thank you, Redford! : )

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Anonymous said...

nice to see pictures of you Merri! Thank your friends for the treat!