Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hula Hula!

Thursday October 28 2010

Dudley stood for his fitting for his Halloween Costume: he wants to be a Horse Hula Dancer! (If he does the 50-mile Halloween ride on Sunday... it's not completely confirmed yet.)

The skirt framework was measured, the first ribbons tied, Dudley helping pick out the next colors.

He actually looks a bit bored here.

We tried it out on the trail in the wind today, and Dudley thought it needed more ribbons.

We'll work on it tonight. (I might even be persuaded to go as a Hula Dancer, if only to wear a hula skirt to match Dudley's - forget the bikini top or coconuts.)

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Anonymous said...

Try the bikini top and coconuts overtop of you shirt, it's fun.