Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2015 Owyhee Hallowed Weenies

November 3 2015

A Hallowed number of Weenies showed up to ride in the last Idaho endurance event of the season.

Or, possibly it was the enticement of getting to listen to the Pickett Crick Ramblers (or, is it the Pickett Cricksters, or the Pickin' Pickett Crickers - even as a member, I can't remember our name) cranking out the Bluegrass tunes while pickin' on the porch (or in the house) Friday and Saturday evenings.

If you were an innocent bystander, or by-driver motoring down Owyhee County's Highway 45 on Saturday, you might have wondered why 4 WANTED OutLaws in orange jumpsuits from the Department of Corrections were out riding horses 50 miles across the desert; but you would probably have been comforted knowing that the THE LAW, (Sheriff Dudley)

was hot on their tails. In fact, two of the WANTED OutLaws were arrested at the halfway vet check and deposed. (That's their story too, and they're stickin' to it.)

You might have seen an Indian chief on her wild Indian pony;

you might have seen Pocahontas; you might have encountered Minnie Mouse,

or you might have sent a salute to Uncle Aunt Sam as she escorted a string of Junior riders on the LD.

There was a lady in a 70's costume (no - wait - that was her everyday outfit), and two riders sported bright orange reins that could likely be seen from the orbiting Soyuz spacecraft. Some Ay-rab named Sheikh Hopkins rode a mustang like he stole 'im. He gave THE LAW the slip, though he might have been on the up and up.

In a rare, and perhaps unprecedented feat of excellence, husband-wife team of Susan and Dennis Summers both won Best Condition on the 50 mile ride with the same high score. (Has this happened before? Somebody look it up!) They stopped in Owyhee to ride on their annual winter Snowbird pilgrimage to Arizona.

Hayley White, riding with her father Richard, won the 25 mile ride, with Richard getting Best Condition.

22 of 30 riders completed the 50, and 17 of 18 riders completed the 25.

The fall weather was a perfect bookend to the 2015 endurance ride season, a crisp and clear day with the gold sun highlighting the purple Owyhee mountains to the west.

See you on the Owyhee trails next year!

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