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2013 Owyhee Harvest Moon

Canadians Barb and Grant going out on their last loop: Day 1

October 18 2013

Flash floods, government shutdown - the rides must go on. And they did!

Federal BLM land closures didn't occur, but the awesome power of an unprecedented amount of rainfall on September 12th, (one measurement recorded 1 7/8" in 45 minutes) which completely rearranged parts of the Owyhee desert, scuttled the new trail plans for the new 3-day Owyhee Harvest Moon pioneer endurance ride October 11-13. Ride managers Steph Teeter and Regina Rose had to rearrange plans to include usable trails in a limited area.

Cool weather kept horses with beginning winter coats cool - particularly in the chilly hurricane winds on day 3 - and turned canyon cottonwoods golden

and flat desert tumbleweeds maroon.

Days 1 and 3 trails looped through Sinker Canyon

and the Birds of Prey Badlands…

but each day the loops were done in opposite directions, which, in this desert country, makes for completely different scenery. The remains of the floods were in evidence in highway-like washes

and cracked earth.

Day 2 included a regular, but never tiresome, loop around Wild Horse Butte

and along the Snake River.

The turnout was low, making for a rather sad-looking ridecamp, but that didn't make a difference to those who showed up to ride.

Day 1 saw 21 riders start the 50 miler, with 19 finishing. Winner was Karen Steenhof and HMR Redstone, with 6th place Lee Pearce and Fire Mt Malabar winning the Best Condition award.

Five riders started and finished the 25 miler, with Carolyn Roberts and Mac winning first place and Best Condition.

Day 2 had 14 riders start and 11 finish the 55 miler. Canadian invader Ariel MacLeod finished first on Driftwoods Tobora, with 3rd place Lee Pearce and Fire Mt Malabar again receiving Best Condition - their 35th career BC together.

Nine started and 8 finished the 25 miler, with Hayley White and Midnight winning, and 2nd place MJ Jackson and Kruze winning BC.

Day 3 had 13 starters and 12 finishers, with Ariel's mom Tara MacLeod winning first place and Best Condition on Zorro's Seabiscuit.

Seven started and finished the 25 miler, with Sheri Cook and Black Jack winning first place and Best Condition.

Four horses and riders completed all 3 days of the pioneer ride, with Lee Pearce and Fire Mt Malabar placing first overall. It was their first 3-day ride together, with Malabar crossing his 4300 AERC milepost.

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