Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Owl Grotto II

Sunday November 6 2011

They look quiet and deserted, these Wind Caves, but eyes are always watching you. Who knows what magical creatures inhabit the tunnels and caves when humans can't see?

She's still here, the Great Horned Owl, the queen over her fairy tale domain, camouflaged in the cliffs, fearless, untouchable. Watching, but unseen by most humans, though she leaves clues all around.

She eats well... this is her dining room

where she sits and eats and leaves the bones and feathers and undigested pellets behind.

Sometimes she dines on her terrace-with-a-view.

The swallows build their mud nests on the walls, hiding inside their lairs while watching outside.

The packrats build their magnificent, 6 foot high nests in the crevices of the sandstone cliffs,

burying down in the nests, or clinging to the walls when a human ventures too far into their hideout.

They look deserted, these marvelous carvings and sculptures of wind and water, but the eyes are always watching, in the hidden Owl Grotto in the hidden Wind Caves in the Owyhee desert.

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