Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Owyhee Fandango Day 2: Substitute Jockey! - Part I

Part I

It's never a good idea to give me instructions before I'm fully awake or had my morning coffee.

When I went to bed the night before, the plan was: I'd help with Day 2 of the Owyhee Fandango; Steph would ride Batman, John would ride Mac; and junior rider Ben from Utah would ride Jose on the 50, because the horse that Bev Gray brought for him to ride on Days 2 and 3 tied up slightly on Day 1. I would help get the horses ready, since Ben isn't familiar with Jose's tack or hoof boots, and so Steph could get the 50 milers started.

Some time around 5 AM or so, Steph knocked on my door and chirped cheerfully (on several cups of coffee) "Did you get my email?" "Mrpfh" "Great! I'm taking Krusty out with Linda on Ted to check ribbons and open gates for Ada this morning. And blah blah blahblahblah" "OK mrpfh"

And I went back to sleep. Almost.

Something didn't quite make sense and kept me from sleeping, so I might as well get up a little earlier, have some leisurely coffee before helping to saddle up the 3 horses.

But as the water boiled and I poured it into my French press and the smell of coffee flavored the morning air, something still was not making sense... Steph was going to ride Krusty this morning... for 15 miles before the start of the 50 where she's riding Batman???

Well, coffee would clear this up. The first sip... ahhhhh. Might as well check my email.

"YOU'RE RIDING!" is the subject. In the email from 5 AM this morning. The rest says, Steph is too stressed and busy to ride; Ben will ride Batman, John will ride Mac, and I WILL RIDE JOSE!

Oh dear - not ready! Gulp coffee! Grab toast! Find clothes! What to wear?? Cold? Rain? Wind? Quickly check weather forecast - 40% chance of showers, more than yesterday. The one vet check is in camp, so I don't have to pack a crew bag with horse gear or human food and extra clothes...

Where's the Raven??? Find the Raven! Grab more coffee! Run out the door! The Raven and I are going to ride Jose!

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