Friday, August 28, 2009

Dudley Speaks

Friday August 28 2009

Dudley would like to issue the following statement from the Owyhee Spa Jail where he's currently incarcerated:

"I would like to apologize for causing such a ruckus (again).

I apologize for scaring some of you from Owyhee County (the "Owyhee Thief" and all) and the upcoming Owyhee Canyonlands endurance ride.

I can understand how my latest escape and escapades led some of you to think there is a thief loose in Owyhee County.

Truly, this is blasphemy. It is slander. I am not a thief. I am hungry.

Therefore I can not help it that a saddle got stuck to my foot (I mean - who makes stirrup sizes just slightly smaller than my front foot, honestly!) while I was following my nose for apple-flavored horse treats after I escaped. I mean - who the heck left treats in the saddlebag anyway??? Oh - wait - I was apologizing.

I meant to say, I really am sorry for all the trouble I got into and caused. (But dang, that alfalfa and those treats sure were good!)

Because of my Good Behavior and Signs of Remorse (I have that look perfected! See above picture), I got released from the smaller Round Pen Jail and put back in the Big Pen Jail. Of course I went straight back to the spot in the fence where I escaped Thursday night and started to let myself out again. I got a nasty shock this time. Are you happy? Don't you feel sorry for me?

If any of you feel, like me, that I have suffered enough by being banished to jail, and put behind an electrocuted fence, and if you feel sorry enough for poor little me (I am little, really, just depends on from which angle or through which lens you view me) and all the trouble I have been in and caused, please come turn off my electricity so I can try to escape again without getting shocked, and get out and eat some more alfalfa and treats because I am so hungry (I promise I will try not to drag somebody's saddle around in the dirt and gravel again).

Or, please when you do come to the Owyhee Canyonlands (your goods are safe, I swear... well, unless you leave them out with treats), show me how sorry you feel for me and come give me big hugs and big treats.


Escape Artist Extraordinaire,


DarcyLynne said...

Dear Dudley,

I honest can relate and can feel your pain. The cruelty that you are being exposed to is enough to make the heart sick! After all who doesn't have a door on their tack room knowing a 'hungry' horse is going to take advantage of THAT! If you ask me they are just asking for trouble and after all that is a 'horses' middle name isn't it?

I don't like to be kept in and I will take advantage of getting out of any gate that I possibly can. I can more than likely help you out dude. I'll try to make it to Owyhee Canyonlands. I'll show you the true meaning of freedom by showing you how to open any and all types of gates.

Hang in there Dudley - sending you a 'fence tester' so as not to shock yourself again. Barbaric I tell you - barbaric. And hey I know how to take care of that too.

Tassara's Magic aka Indy (Who drives D'Arcy crazy having to put locks on gates I can't open and we had MANY gates at the ranch. Heeheheh!)

Anonymous said...

dear dudley.. you are innocent until proven guilty by a stable of your peers

gazi and cid