Monday, January 26, 2009


Monday January 26 2009

There they were in the sunrise this morning, for the first time in three weeks: the Owyhee mountains, under clear skies, illuminated big and bold and bright, and looking much closer than their 6 miles away.

Emerging from hibernation, the Sun, the real thing, climbed over our southeast ridge, the light and warmth creeping down from the mountains toward us, spreading across the northwest ridge and down Pickett Creek Canyon.

The horses took up positions broadside to the sun, facing magnetic north, fuzzy winter coats absorbing the maximum rays and the delicious, intoxicating warmth. Yawns, hind legs cocked, heads heavy, eyes closed, lips drooping.

When a thin cloud strip passed in front of the sun, the intense rays faded; so too did the hypnotic morning Sun Nap. The horses turned away from the penetrating rays, went back to the hay feeder, even as the sun reemerged full strength - the magic moment had passed.

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