Saturday, December 8, 2007

S'No Good (by Diego)

Friday December 7 2007

Could it get any worse here without Jose? Yes, it could, and it did.

It started raining last night and it turned into snow today, and it just won't stop!

Being all wet was bad enough; M said I looked like a wet chicken. I didn't know exactly how to take that. Am I still cute if I look like a drowned bird?

The 4 of us horse creatures spent some time under the roof of the barn out of the rain, but when we got hungry we went to our hay bales in the rain. We were wet anyway, so it didn't really matter. Dudley in the Fat Pen and Finny in the Nurse Pen are just stuck in the rain with no roof. However, they are both insulated enough (especially that Buffalo Dudley) that they don't get as cold. Quickie and Princess have thick coats, so they don't mind being wet so much. I don't have a real thick fuzzy coat, and Mac is worse than me, so we feel the cold more. Mac is from Nebraska, where he says they have wicked cold snowstorms and windstorms, don't you think he'd know to grow a thicker winter coat than what he's got?

If the 16 hours of rain wasn't enough, then it started snowing and the wind blowing in the afternoon. Princess and Quickie were just grazing like it was another sunny Owyhee day, but Mac was hunched over with his butt to the wind. Me - I didn't like it. I didn't know what to do!

M came out to take pictures, and I let her know my opinion of being wet and cold with the wind blowing your tail between your legs. Snowflakes stung my eyeballs and the cold wind goosed my wet flanks. I was quite annoyed! Plus the ground is all wet and gushy-muddy and slick. I trotted off to chase the dog, bolted and slipped around the paddock, tossed my head up in the air, pinned my ears at the drops running off my forelock into my face; I charged up to M and tried to crawl into her coat with her, and when I wouldn't fit, I nipped at her. I wanted her to make the cold snow stop!

I know if Jose was here we'd be having all kinds of fun with the snowflakes, but Jose is not here. I bet he is in the sunshine in Arizona, and I'm wet and cold and lonely here. It's just not fair.


Anonymous said...

Well, put your PAJAMAS on!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

looks like we plum sent our montana weather of earlier in the week yonder yer way :)

Do you ride in this weather? Bitin' the proverbial bullet here :)

Today was 18 but sunny
happy trails
Cid and GaZi -meister in montana

Anonymous said...

Don't know where in Arizona Jose is, but if I could take pictures and put them on this site, my horses in Arizona would have the same shots - blowing snow and rain, and mucky ground. It may end and dry out faster here than Idaho, don't know.