Sunday, January 15, 2012


Sunday January 15 2012

Rhett's one of the best rides, but he's a flighty horse. A bit suspicious. Always on guard. You don't just slap a saddle on his back, and you don't make sudden movements around him. You don't hug him and you certainly don't give him a kiss, and when he gets to snorting, watch out.

A loud and long SNOOORRRTTT! means you've done something that's put him on guard. Or he's spied something unsavory. Or there's just something in the air.

If he SNORT!s loud and short with every breath, you know it's probably just not a good day to ride anybody.

Like today, when the cold wind blew down from the mountains, and mysterious clouds of white dust whirled across the draw, something spooky was maybe up the canyon, and Rhett infected the whole Owyhee herd with his presentiments.

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