Sunday, March 8, 2009

Owyhee Tonic

Saturday March 7 2009

Not whining, just stating facts:

22 days of no Stormy Kisses. 3 wicked sandstorms and a host of lesser ones. Two 95* degree days. 30+ hours of travel to get back home.

Followed by: (not gloating, just stating facts)

1000 Stormy Kisses. 2 short but great cold Owyhee rides on Jose. Three 20* mornings. 1 morning waking to fresh snow on the ground. : ) 3 nights on my Special Pillow. 2 Ravens welcoming me back. 1 stormy blustery wintery day. 2 crisp, clear waning-winter days. 3 dog walks.

Three days of inhaling, immersing, absorbing, infusing, indulging, soaking, appreciating intensely the air/snow/sun/stillness/wind/horses/home of Owyhee before leaving again for 6 weeks.

It will be enough to last me till I get home again.

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