Saturday, November 1, 2008


Saturday November 1 2008


Drizzle and rain for much of the day. Which is great since it hasn't rained here along Pickett Creek in the Owyhee Desert since 1942, or thereabouts. (Well, OK, it's rained two days since the spring, one day in May and one day in September).

The insane dust we've had since 1942 (or, at least all summer, and then we had a 3-day respite after the September one-day rainfall), that explodes in the air with every hoofstep, has dissipated, and wet sand/mud is replacing it. So far just the top layer of dust is gone - the horse hooves still leave dry sand underneath, but maybe a few inches of dust and dirt will get wet if this precipitation keeps up - and it's supposed to shower all night and tomorrow.

Gloomy skies don't depress me at all, and they sure don't depress the horses.

Half-brothers Jose and Kazam were ripping around the place and having a jolly good time; Mac had a sensational roll. Steph, do you recognize your once-white horse? Maybe he was trying on his Halloween costume a day late.

Now it's time to go out and do a Rain-Worship dance - like Jose.

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