Thursday, March 13, 2008


Thursday March 13 2008

It's 9 AM this morning; Connie and Zico are still out in the silver bullet sleeping - I expect they will till noon! as it's cloudy and rained a bit last night.

I fed the 3 dogs about 8:30, and I was sitting here at the table looking out, and I saw Girlie kind of slinking out toward the horse fence away from the house. If she'd just been walking I wouldn't have noticed, but she was slinking - and I noticed she had something in her mouth.

Uh oh - the cat?? A bird?? No... a horse brush!

She kept slinking toward the fence and glancing back over her shoulder at the house, slinking, glancing, guilt written all over her face and posture... She went under the fence, turned right, toward the mountains, kept slinking and glancing back, and slunk her way about 30 yards. She got to a tall post out there - started digging, and buried the brush! I watched while she dug with her front paws, carefully laid the brush in, and then pushed the dirt back over the hole with her nose, from all angles so it was smoothed out. Then Girlie slunk back to the house - stopping to sniff at two poles along the way (Hmmm, wonder what's buried there!?) and came back into the yard, still glancing at the house. Then she sniffed around the hitching post where we shod horses the other day, where she found a good hoof clipping, and took that to the gate and buried it at the post there.

So, now I have a lead on what might have happened to 1) that little bag of two carrots I left laying on the ground by the tack room I was going to feed Mac after we rode the other day (I thought I was nuts - couldn't find it anywhere) 2) one of my spurs that has completely disappeared 3) the TV REMOTE CONTROL!!! (Girlie WAS in the house the night it disappeared 5 months ago...)

I better not leave my Raven sitting outside anywhere!

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