Saturday, February 2, 2008

Freedom! (Sort Of) by Jose

Saturday February 2 2008

Dear Diego,

What a great day in Arizona! Rhett and I got taken out of our pen for a few hours and turned out with the other horses - on a whole acre! We ran around and around and around with everybody with our tails in the air. Then we ran around some more. Seb the dog ran around with us barking because he was happy too. He went and jumped in and out of the water trough then ran with us some more.

I snuggled with my girlfriend Tess, I lip and neck wrestled with Bossman Rocky, I rolled and rolled and scratched my back in the soft sand, then we ran around some more then I rolled some more then we ran around some more! We were puffing and even broke a little sweat in the warm sun.

It's not quite like 200 acres in IdaHome, but it beat the round pen!

In the evening when M came to catch Rhett and me to put us back into our round pen after a few hours of freedom, Rhett said he wasn't going to let M catch him. He's not getting shots anymore, but he wanted to make sure he wouldn't get caught just in case. But all M had to do was pull a carrot out of her back pocket and he was a total sucker (he falls for the Carrot Capture every time) and let her slip the halter on him. While she did that, giving him a bite of carrot, I pulled the other carrot out of her back pocket and ate it.

M led us back to our round pen for the evening, which was fine because she said we'd get turned out again tomorrow with the gang and because our hay dinner had been laid out for us. And we got our usual evening grain - we are still working on getting fattened back up, especially Rhett. Rhett gets extra treaties in his bucket because he's still a skinny bones.

M told me that it is snowing in IdaHome again Diego, so you enjoy the room to run around and I'll enjoy the sunshine for you, and when we see each other again in IdaHome we'll both race around with everybody very far up the canyon in the sunshine.

Love, Jose

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