Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fandango Flagging

Thursday May 20 2010

We went out to mark some of the trails

for the 3-day Owyhee Fandango ride May 28-30. You'll see some of this if you do Day One.

Holy Moly - it wasn't deer, it was big horn sheep! I've only rarely seen these, and never here - they are usually 2 drainages further east. You'll be real lucky if you see these!

(We also saw a deer, 2 lone pronghorns, a nice brown snake, a red-tailed hawk nest, ravens.)

Picking a trail through the brush,

heading to the Rock Corral.

The flowers are pretty outrageous in the desert right now - lupine, bitterbrush, Indian paintbrush, biscuitroot, buckwheat, daisies, phlox, aster, and others I don't know. The blooming bitterbrush and the lupine smell so sweet.

Mac was a bit frantic on his own, but Rhett is coming now!

Don't want to get off to tie a ribbon here.

Boot malfunction!

We had several boot malfunctions! This was on a steep slope that I almost fell down on while trying to remove the hanging boot - fortunately Mac just stood there and didn't move!

Hart Creek drainage, looking toward the Owyhee mountains.

Coming down into an old homestead.

Steph points the way.

Mac and Rhett have a discussion.

I found a Raven feather!

There's a crazy amount of grass, too.

Back into the home creek after 7 hours of marking trail.

A good day in Owyhee! Come see it at the Owyhee Fandango in southern Idaho end of May.

More photos of the Alder Creek loop here.

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