Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Darwinism Theory Suspect!

Tuesday May 18 2010

Even the smallest being can challenge a mighty centuries-old theory.

A pair of Eurasian collared doves (an invasive species here, I might add), decided to build a nest and lay some eggs. Steph and I figured this is a Redneck pair.

"Hey honey! I got an idea! Let's build us a nest and lay some aiy-ggs!"

"OK well we don't got much money, so let's just throw us up a quick few sticks right here where we're sitting so we don't got to go far! We got a great view and it's low maintenance!"

(A few pieces of straw were tossed haphazardly on the edge of a finger-thin tree branch where it's touching the roof.)

"Heck I dunno how long our straw pieces will stay so we better hurry with the aiy-ggs! There, I popped a couple out! Whoops! This un's about to roll out the nest! Just nevermind that second one that's just going to fall through a hole in the nest!"

"That's okay, I'll put a stick there to barricade it! Just don't bounce too hard when you fly off."

The doves are trying to blow cannon holes in Darwin's ideas of natural selection, survival of the fittest and strongest, the intelligent reproduce so the species survives, etc.

Who knows? Maybe the little gray doves know more than humans. Maybe they'll defy the rules. There are an awful lot of them around. But then, one more gusty day, and this pair of doves aren't going to be reproducing anything but poached eggs for the ants.

I think Darwin can rest easy.

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