Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Dang Bird Story

Tuesday May 11 2010

I saw, two or three times, a bird flee from under my truck's tires where I park it in the grass. I'd clear away the start of the nest in the grass - straw, sticks - but the bird would fly out again next time I was there. (It shot out of there so fast I never got a good look at it.) Even though I don't use the truck much, I finally decided to move it so the bird wouldn't build a nest underneath. Had enough trouble with those starlings in the barbeque, you know.

Yesterday I spent the day in town (an hour drive each way), and parked my truck in a different spot back home overnight.

Today I took my truck to the neighbor's to have help changing the oil.

Rick opened the hood: "Oh my God!"

Five eggs in a robin nest!

Dang bird.

The nest looked untouched, after driving 150 miles around Idaho, like it was still waiting for mom to return.

But now, at least 24 hours without incubation, the robin eggs were just that - blue eggs.

Sorry Robin! Next time I'll think to check under the hood during nesting season! Maybe it's not too late for these robins to build another nest and lay a new set of eggs. I hope so, anyway.

Robin egg omelette, anyone?

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Anonymous said...

how 'bout sunny side up? :) pretty amazing
happy trails