Friday, July 20, 2012

Marking Trails for City of Rocks!

Friday July 6-10 2012

We crammed in the 200 miles of trail marking for the new 4-day City of Rocks Pioneer Endurance ride near Almo, Idaho, into 5 days - on horseback, on foot, and by ATV. At least one of those days, Steph spent looking for new trails!

But we got it done. Here's a video taking you along for the rides/hikes.

[video here]

or link:

Coming up next: Days 1-4 of the ride!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Running With The Big Dogs

Wednesday July 18 2012

We didn't see Owyhee Super Luna for 2 weeks while we were at City of Rocks, and while she grew bigger, she didn't forget us. She whinnied a greeting when I got back.

Besides mom Perry, 1 or 2 aunts or uncles hang out with her in her big home pen. On her 10-week-old birthday, we let her out for the first time with the whole herd.

Here's how it went:

[link: ]

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pack It Like You Mean It

Tuesday July 3 2012

City of Rocks Pioneer Trails Endurance Ride is just around the corner. 8 days to be exact! (eek!)

The ride is 4 horse-trailer-hours away from our home base, so we have to bring everything we need, and everything we think we don't need.

Regina borrowed a 4-horse stock trailer that we'll use to haul as much gear as we can get. It's amazing how much stuff you can stuff into a 4-horse stock trailer: approximately 20 water troughs, from mondo-size to sensible size, 2 ATVs, and sundry other items, with still plenty of room to spare.

It's all about the packing. 

"Pack it like you mean it!" John said.

City of Rocks: The Other Fun Stuff!

June 26 2012

And if you're not convinced you want to ride City of Rocks, then here's some other fun stuff to occupy your time!

City of Rocks: Circle Creek High Trail Video

Saturday June 23 2012

I just may have outdone myself with this video! Jose take you on a ride, looking at the great trails that go up one side of Circle Creek in City of Rocks, up into the Albion Mountains, and back down the other side of Circle Creek. One of the prettiest trails in the National Reserve!

The great music is by Gaelic Storm.