Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Purple Stickies

Tuesday October 28 2008

The Purple Stickies

... are not a good sign when you have been gone all day, and they are stuck to your computer to read when you get back, and the writing starts with "Stormy has a big Owie..."

Damn - not again!

Wait - maybe Connie was kidding! Remember she told me a few days ago that Stormy had an abscess on his neck and I better go tend to him in the pen... and I ran out to find him with a present for me wrapped around his neck.

I skipped to the end of the Purple Stickie notes: "(Not kidding)"


I skimmed the note: "crusted over... tissue... sweated it... bute... stove pipe leg..."

I ran out to see, and indeed, Stormy was in the pen, with his leg wrapped up below a stove pipe knee.

I took him to the washrack, unwrapped the leg and had a look at it - looks like he got kicked good (DUDLEY!?) - a rather deep cut under the knee joint. Connie cleaned it off well, so I just cold-hosed it some more, cleaned it again with Betadine surgical solution, and re-wrapped it in a furasin sweat with good pressure from the bandage.

He's not lame on it (yet), but he's going to stay locked up a while (AGAIN - just when I started riding him again). He sure didn't mind the doctoring and the sympathy from both of us, and I'm sure he's not going to mind being pampered the next several days.


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DarcyLynne said...

Oh dear - sorry Merri! Don't you just hate coming home to those issues? I'd rather come home to the shierff at my door, giving me a citation for my horses running through the orchards, and two main roads having to be closed to round them up! LOL!