Sunday, July 3, 2011

Paean For Quincy

Sunday July 3 2011

She was a kind and gentle soul - unless someone caught a rabbit, in which case she became a Demoness and took command of it, and it was HERS! Everybody knew not to mess with her then.

She was always happy. Sometimes she happily barked for hours, trying to get the dunce she was barking at - or any dunce - to throw a rock for her. ("Come on, just throw the rock! It's right there") Once at an endurance ride here, she parked herself in front of Henry of Griffin's Tack, who was sitting in his chair outside his store tent, and barked happily for hours at him. He'd probably turned off his hearing aid so he couldn't hear her, but she happily carried on barking, bark-bark-bark-bark-throw-the-rock-bark-bark bark-bark-bark-bark-throw-the-rock-bark-bark and Henry happily sat there in peaceful silence not listening to her.

She was the best Rock Carrying Dog (she always picked one up and carried it when she hiked - some as big as her head, some so big she could barely hold her head up and she could barely breathe, but she had to have that rock),

the best Rock Collecting Dog, (she loved to deposit rocks in front of the lawn mower when you were trying to mow, and she loved to bring her rocks in the house after she carried them on a hike)(I think she actually ate rocks),

the best Snowball Dog, ("Um - how do I get these things OFF me?")

the best Halloween Dog,

just The Best Dog.

Bye Quincy, Happy Trails and many lucky rabbits feet and good rocks.

Say hi to Zico up there.

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Mary Lynn said...

What a great tribute to Quincy!