Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Wednesday February 2 2011

"So, you came down to warm, sunny Arizona to vet a ride?" I said to Dr Carter Hounsel. "Yea, and i"m still looking!"

No warm and sunny here at the 6-day Springdale Romp in Safford, Arizona. It's pretty darn cold. It's right around freezing and the brutal wind makes things much more interesting.

Winter Carharts and furry hats are the de rigueur dress code.

A lighter has to be used to melt the markers enough to draw numbers on horse butts at the vet in.

Horses are shivering in their blankets.

Of course, Arizona is luckier than most of the rest of the nation, but there are going to be some pretty intrepid riders on tomorrow's 50 and 25 miler.

Hopefully I won't be found frozen in my tent in the morning (overnight low is supposed to be around 9*), and my camera equipment will still function.

We'll see!

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