Sunday, April 17, 2011

It (Still) Takes A Village...

Sunday April 17 2011

...And everything in it to go to a 1-day endurance ride 10 miles down the road. It's the Owyhee Tough Sucker endurance ride, the first of the season. Literally, we could have ridden our 4 horses to basecamp on Friday, but we hauled them over - horse in one trailer, and things in the other.

You just don't know what all you'll need, so you might as well take everything. I take as much stuff to a one-day ride 10 miles down the road as I do to a 4-day ride halfway across the country!

Carol hauled her horse Justy, and our three horses Rhett, Mac, and Jose, in her trailer down to basecamp at Regina's old place, and we hauled our trailer full of stuff - grass hay, grass-alfalfa hay, oats, senior, beet pulp, supplements, apples, carrots, apple crunch treats, buckets, blankets (6 - because what if it rained overnight and the blankets got wet, and we needed more during the ride?), easyboot gloves, extra easyboot gloves, hoofpicks and hammers (to put the gloves on), brushing boots, saddles, saddle pads (and an extra one), bridles, extra sidepull for Jose, girths - and whatever else I'm forgetting to mention.

And, not to mention the huge bag of clothes and jackets I took along. I've had Jacket Angst ever since I lost my favorite riding jacket on our Wild Horse Butte training ride. I'm not emotionally attached to it, but it was just the perfect all-weather jacket - for warm weather, cool, cold, wind, rain, and snow. Now I carried about 10 jackets or vests to try to match that one jacket's efficiency (and still haven't succeeded in finding the right combo).

Moisture-heavy clouds and showers danced all around basecamp while rigs pulled in during the afternoon and evening, and Dr Robert Washington vetted horses in; but it never did rain. Weather was expected to be much the same tomorrow - overcast, chance of showers, but not so hot, and with enough of a breeze to keep the dreaded gnats away.

I'd be riding my pal Jose. It was looking to be the perfect day for our first Owyhee spring endurance ride.

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