Thursday, January 14, 2010

It Was a Good Day

Thursday January 14 2010

From orange sunrise to artist's sunset, it was a pretty awesome 'winter' day in Owyhee - which is saying something, coming from someone who craves MORE SNOW. (Another way of describing today might be "ridiculously mild.") Temperatures in the (gasp) 30's, sunshine warm, air sharp and clear, breeze minimal, horses enthusiastic.

Jose and Suz had a nice ride together, and Kazam performed admirably well on his own (an update on him a bit later). Nothing like a couple of good rides to make you feel satisfied.

The sunset was one that actually punched you in the stomach, snatched your breath away when you first saw it. A screech owl hooted his approval in a cottonwood by the creek as Nature's fireworks framed Jose and the Owyhee mountains in a fitting farewell to the day.

It was just a marvelous day all around.

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Anonymous said...

yup.. gives you hope and faith when you get a good ride in... 'specially when it has not been going as you'd like

happy trails.. onward and upward
cid and gazi