Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring For Sure

March 6 2008

You know it's spring when:

You see:

As the sun rises over the east rim and begins warming up the earth, the horses all passed out. Usually at least one stays standing, but not this morning. It was too perfect.

The contours of ridges and south facing slopes of the Owyhee Range slowly emerging from their blanket of winter snow.

A Swainson's hawk - back from South America - warming up in a bare tree - tiny shoots just thinking about starting to emerge - near an old nest, overseeing the valley.

Two Ravens chasing a sharp-shinned hawk.

Killdeer running and flying low to the ground, looking for a good place to nest on the ground.

Long white and black and red winter horse hair stuck all over your fleece jacket and tights after each horse comes up to you to be brushed, especially in those hard-to-reach-and-scratch places. They itch and they are ready to start losing their coats.

Little fresh green shoots of irises and strawberries coming up in the flowerbeds, underneath the last autumn coating of leaves.

Batches of mayflies buzzing around your head on a hike with the dogs.

You hear:

A Northern flicker laughing in the morning sun.

Two kestrels screeching at each other, discussing where their nest might be this year.

The burbling and babbling and bubbling of Pickett Creek over rocks up the canyon, where it's now fetlock deep, each day slowly making its way further down canyon.

The same female screech owl hooting, every night.

you taste:

A glass of Celestial Seasonings Imperial White Peach Tea - iced tea REALLY made in the sunshine.

Horse hair in your mouth.

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DarcyLynne said...

Ahhhh.....spring. We had a very nice spring ride with the Aussie Mob of 2008 and Chris Anton from Kansas City, KS. Waiting for everyone to post all of their pictures so I can glean some of them.

Getting my story done today Merri! :) Happy Spring!