Sunday, March 16, 2008

Can't Stand Waiting

Sunday March 16 2008

Today, I have a BIG DATE. I couldn't really believe for the last month that it was happening, and since it became definite, I've been excited for days. Last night I washed my hair, and I couldn't sleep. Today I put on some fresh clothes, dabbed a bit of molasses behind one ear and apple behind the other... and waited, paced, watched out the window, checked the phone for messages, paced, bit my fingernails, sat around, got back up and paced, got butterflies in my stomach waiting for him to get here. Should I walk up the road to meet him? No, that would seem too anxious. I'm like a dog, staring out the window down the road at that spot he's going to first appear.

I expected him here by 4 PM, and that passed, and 5, and 6... what if, after all that, he really isn't coming?

More pacing and staring out the window. Can't sit and get anything done because I have to jump up and run back to the window every two minutes.

Connie leaves on a dog walk without me because I am waiting... the sun is getting close to sinking behind the rim... I'm outside putzing around because I can't sit still, and I miss the phone call: He'll be a few hours later, he was delayed by weather and truck problems.

But he's still on his way. I expect it will be dark when he gets here, and he's going to be pretty wiped out... but he should really be here in a few hours...

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