Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dear Jose II (by Diego)

Dear Jose,

I was sooooooooooooooooo excited when M said you were finally coming home from Arizona. I couldn't wait to run and romp and play with you because I have been so bored without you. Kazam your half brother is okay, but he's just no substitute.

This new older handsome guy Stormy arrived a few days ago, and I thought he was kind of cool when we met over the fence, so when he got turned out with us, I thought maybe he would play with me. I heard he used to be a racehorse, so I figured he liked to run, so I came running really really fast at him, throwing a buck in mid-stride, and burning a trail of dust behind me, to show him how very fast and athletic I am. I ran right up to his face, but he just turned away from me and I was so surprised my run just fizzled to a walk to a plod. I was kind of sad because my sprint was very impressive, but he just didn't seem to notice. I think he's missing his old buddy Woody, so he doesn't really want to play or have a buddy here, because he thinks maybe Woody will come see him.

So I just couldn't wait till you got back home Jose, you are my best buddy and we could get back to playing. We could run circles around everybody including the new racehorse.

And then yesterday the Big Trailer finally pulled in, and you and Rhett and some new girl got off, and, I was so excited to see you, and - you went in another pen. Why didn't you come to play with me?

Today it's the same - I can see you, but I can't get to you. The closest I can get to you is in the corner of the fences, but I can't find a gate, so I can just stand at the corner and look at you and wish you would come out.

I was so sad today, because I didn't know what else to do but keep going to the corner and looking at you and looking for a gate. I went up to M and she petted me and hugged me and told me you have to stay in the pen a while to make sure you and Rhett and the girl don't get sick again. M said it might only be a few days or a week or two, but even one more day is toooooooooooo long and it made me cry little tears. (Yes, that is a tear in the photo.) Please hurry and don't get sick Jose, because you are so close and I want to play with my best friend.




Anonymous said...

This made me cry! I can't wait to hear when they can get back together again!

Anonymous said...

horse abuse!!!

Anonymous said...

You are right, IT IS ABUSE!!