Sunday, March 30, 2008

2008 Tierras De Al-Andalus: No Time To Sleep

March 30 2008

Really, there isn't, and that's what we need most. Day 2 of the Al-Andalus ride is over, there's 45 minutes left in the day, and I could use 24 more hours of work before tomorrow starts.

So far, it's been a terrific experience - mainly I'd say because the southern Spaniards are a blast to be around. The effort they've put into this ride is truly amazing. The logistics it takes to take care of 33 entries - some 47 riders and 52 horses, innumerable crew or assistance riders - with hotels, stabling, meals, transportation, start times, meeting times, party times, is staggering.

The scenery is lovely - great beach ride today, the food and wine good (special white manzanilla wine here in Sanlucar De Barrameda), the company terrific - new Spanish friends, reunion with Paul and Madonna from New Zealand; and Steph rode today and said it was fantastic.

Days begin around 5 AM - sometimes the horses are transported in the morning to a new starting place - and we get 'home' to a new hotel or bungalow every night around 6 or 7 PM - shower and get busy on the computers (no internet last night, so a big backlog of work), find time to eat something (preferably soup and flan for dessert), and already it's 11:30 PM, missed the partying, and only half done with work and not packed for tomorrow early morning.

Last year the ride took a day off, but this year it's a different city or village every night, so, we'll just worry about sleep in another week or so. The writing will have to come much later!

Till then... enjoy the pictures.

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