Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another Day in (Owyhee) Paradise

Sunday December 6 2009

Jose tried and tried to get the baby to play today - but she just didn't want to.
She's still a bit lost and bewildered without her mama - and some of the uncles are getting tired of her (think that has anything to do with the fact that she tried tenaciously to nurse off all of them?).

I braved the biting cold winds several times today, running out with my camera when Jose tried to stir the pot, but nothing ever came of it. I had reached my limit and was just about to give up and go inside and thaw this last time, when Smokey suddenly took off running - across the creek! I'd never seen her go across the creek with her mama - and here she was leading the three boys Jose (who was delighted!) and Kazam and Huckleberry - and not in a panic: she looked like she was enjoying herself.

She led the herd in a circle through the brush (Jose making sure he didn't pass her - he was encouraging her to keep going), galloping for the neighbor's fence. They crashed across the creek at the far end, thundering hoofbeats heralding their approach. They shot past me, heads-down-ears-pinned-sprinting for all they were worth, first Jose,

then Kazam,

then Smokey

and Huckleberry.

They blasted around the front paddock, prancing, circling, dodging, leaping, switching leads in mid-air, tossing heads,

flipping tails, cutting corners at Mach 5.

Does Jose know he's something special?

Does Kazam know he's gorgeous?

Brothers Jose and Kazam danced together,

sparred with each other,

pranced like the mighty spirited Arabs they are, enjoying another day on this planet.

For me, getting to watch this beauty is just another day in Owyhee Paradise.

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