Thursday, July 17, 2008

Home Again

Friday July 11 2008

It's good to have the opportunity to travel, but it's also good to get back 'home'.

Some things are just the best ever:

Opening my suitcase over the washing machine and dumping the contents in there

Having a WHOLE FREEZER full of ice cubes, readily available for my drinks (I defy you to find this anywhere in Italy)

Wadding up my own special pillow under my head

And even better than the best ever:

My horse actually interrupting his eating (!!!) to nicker and come up to see me and welcome me back : )

Looking at every (real) Raven here and wondering which one is mine (I haven't told my Raven story yet)

A nice welcome home ride in this boundlessly beautiful high desert country on my pal Jose

A good-luck long-eared owl feather on a hike with the dogs on a beautiful, and not so terribly hot, golden evening, on the ridge

Yes, it's great to be back : )

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