Thursday, July 17, 2008

Great Balls O' Fire

Wednesday July 16 2008

Northern California is burning (and parts of Washington) - many huge forest fires some 600+ miles away from here - and we are feeling the effects. Seeing the effects, in the sky, with haze clouding the Owyhee mountains 6 miles away to the west - at one point yesterday we almost couldn't see them at all, and coloring the full moon a deep orange. Feeling the effects, (us endurance riders anyway) because Tevis has been cancelled this weekend.

Some riders who were planning on doing Tevis are instead going to Bandit Springs in Oregon, where there's a 100, 80, 50, and 30-mile ride, a Ride and Tie, and a 10-mile fun ride. I'm going along with Nance Worman and her family. Nance is doing the 100 on Jazzbo - who she was going to ride in Tevis. I'm going to take pictures, but then if somebody puts a horse underneath me, I won't object. I've got the little pocket camera that's great for trail pictures. : )

Meanwhile, here in Oreana, our horses aren't exactly burning with desire to hit the trails. It's hot, (although not TOO terrible in the mornings), and maybe they have the hot summer blahs (and I know EXACTLY how that feels). Jose and I rode with Carol and August this morning, and neither horse was eager to be out there, even though we found a nice breeze up on the ridge. Connie - who got here yesterday - got on her beloved horse Finneas for the first time since the Fandango ride in May, and he was equally un-excited.

Maybe when the smoke clears and it cools down (like in October??) the horses will regain some enthusiasm.

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