Monday, May 12, 2008

Who Took My Spring

Sunday May 11 2008

What's this - middle of May?

Today it's a dreary (from some perspectives) gray sky, blustery wind, and a chance of rain - but that's snow in them there mountains 5 miles away. (Steph said, "That's not right!") The wind chill 'down here' at 3500 feet drops to 30* when it gusts up to 20 mph.

Nature is not convinced spring is here yet. The birds are carrying on with their nesting (for one, the golden eagles are later this year), but the locust trees have refused to bud or express any leaves so far.

The horses are romping and playing in the gusty wind, and, sometimes, they appear to be a bit annoyed at the big gusts of dust swirling around, pinning their ears and biting each other a little harder than just play bites.

I definitely don't like the wind, but I do love the cold weather. It's just that I packed my winter hat and gloves away. I swear I just saw a few snowflakes. Guess I better the winter gear out again.

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Anonymous said...

you shoulda seen the weather we were having eroute to the Roundup Rendevous. Why o why am i wearing long johns in may ?:) :)

Happy trails
cid and GaZi