Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm a Big Kid Now (by Diego)

Monday May 5 2008

I'm A Big Kid Now (by Diego)

Five weeks ago M told me she was leaving and she gave me a big hug. She said I am so cute somebody might want to buy me, but they better not do it until she got back. Well nobody came and took me away, so I was here when M got back, and I had a big surprise for her.

M gave me big hugs and kisses, and she said, "Diego! You've grown! I swear you are an inch bigger!" That was my surprise - I had tried really really really hard to grow while she was gone, and I did! In fact she was so sure I had grown, she and Steph got the Big Stick With The Bubble, and M led me onto the cement at the hitching post, and they put the stick next to me and put the bubble in the center and it said I was 149CMs. I didn't know what that meant, and they didn't either till they went in the house for a calculator, and M came back out and told me I was Fourteen-Two-and-Over-A-Half-Pretty-Close-To-Three Hands and well then you might as well call me almost 15 hands! In fact, they measured Jose too, and I am just as tall as Jose!! And Jose is all grown up, and I'm only 4!

I am shaping up more like a horse now, my little boy pot belly has gone away, and I'm losing my lighter winter coat and turning a sleek darker chestnut. M says that I am maturing, and pretty soon I am going to turn into Handsome, but of course I still have a cute face. And I can still curl up in a cute little ball when I sleep.

After she measured all of my 14.2 1/2+ Almost 3 hands, she put the big boy saddle on me, which I hadn't worn for a while, but I know all about that now. M always forgets and puts the bonnet on my head first, but I just stand and wait till she remembers that it goes best on my back under the saddle. We played a few ground games, then we trotted out. She said when I do endurance rides I will trot out for the vet. I do it really good already.

So, now that M is back, I come hang at the fence several times a day looking at the house so M will come out and hug me. If she is already outside, I just give her that Hug Me look, and she comes to hug me. It works every time. Sometimes she even slips me a few carrots if nobody else is around. I hope whoever buys me leaves me here so M can see me grow to over 15 hands and so she sees me turn into very Handsome and so she can always hug me because I will never be too old or mature for hugs.

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